Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts marquee provides an opportunity for non-performative emerging artists of South Asian origin to display their talents and for the mela goers to participate in the various workshops. In the past, the programme has included traditional crafts such as rangoli, henna painting, face painting, block printing, etc. In addition artists inspired by South Asian arts and craft forms who have adopted contemporary and non traditional approaches have led workshops including paper craft (creating a flock of birds inside the marquee), jewellery making from recycled materials and various media and textile based workshops.

In 2018, the Arts & Crafts marquee accommodated approximately 27 craft organisations and around 6,000 participants. 95 Workshop Leaders delivered the Arts & Crafts Programme.

The Arts & Crafts marquee also provides the opportunity for local cultural institutions to engage with Mela and the local South Asian Community in a creative way. Organisations such as Manchester Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Contact Theatre, Whitworth Art Gallery, People’s History Museum, Wild Rumpus, Z-Arts, MOSI, Bury Gallery, Lowry, Madlab, Oldham Coliseum , The Costume Museum and Creative hands Foundation have presented participatory creative workshops alongside the arts and crafts activities. The Mela is viewed by these organisations as an opportunity to reach out to the Greater Manchester South Asian community. The activities ranged from jewellery making, Indian ceramics, badge making, kite making, paper craft to henna and nail art.

Come and try your hand at our activities and see what masterpiece you can create.